Meet the team

We develop our own technology platform and statistical models to calculate probabilities of sporting outcomes. We also build software and data feeds that lets sports traders manage their «soft» data, such as player profiles and ratings.

We do all of our analytical modelling and technology development in-house with our talented and experienced team. Our main office is in Kristiansand, but we are also located in Oslo, Stavanger and Malta.



Christopher Langeland
Marco Valzani
Øyvind B Sandåker
Bjørn Hjelmaas
HR Business Manager
Hanne Gurandsrud Administration Coordinator
Lisbeth Lindtner









Runar Endestad
Sports Expert
Bård Eik-Hvidsten
Team Lead
Anna Bauge Torland Social Media Manager
Kathrine Eide
UX Designer
Bjørn S Nilsen
Senior Business Analyst
Øystein H Alvestad
Business Analyst









Tom-Espen Bergan Data Architect
Katrine Brun Developer
Rune Nilsen
Martin Othamar








Mads Nesset
Head of Trading
Roger Kristiansen Head of Pricing
Stian Bruskeland
Head of Automated Trading
Thorkild Bretteville-Jensen 
Automated Trading Operator
Lars Fjermeros 
Erlend Aasen Gloppestad
Sports Expert









Simen Bergsodden
 Sports Expert
Håkon Lunde 
Sports Expert
Almir Cibo
Sports Expert
Theodor Kristensen
Sports Expert
Srecko (Sergio) Kurtovick
Sports Expert
Anders Lübeck
Sports Expert







Thomas Johnsen
Sports Expert



Anders Berntsen 
Sports Expert
Stig Marthinussen 
Sports Expert
Daniel Berntsen
Sports Expert
Daniel Steine
Sports Expert






Modelling Team

Johnny Philips 
Head of Modelling
Jonny Proudfoot 
Juan Martin Rodriguez 
Juho Mettomaki